Annual Mugwort Tea 100 g

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highly effective against parasites and co-infectious agents

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Annual Mugwort (lat.: Artemisia Annua)

As the name suggest the Annual Mugwort is an annual plant of the Daisy family. It grows in the areas ranging from China through northern India to Iraq, as well as in the south of Europe. In south and middle Europe it is considered a neophyte plant. It occurs inconstantly in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. In Germany it almost only exists along the annual wash margins of the river Elbe.

The Annual Mugwort’s effect is primarily known in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Within this field it has proven especially effective in the treating of malaria. According to Eva Dimmendaal it is also

  • strongly blood-cleansing
  • highly effective against parasites and co-infectious agents
  • anti-convulsant
  • digestive


Why are we offering Annual Mugwort?
Because artemisia annua should be an important part in the treating of parasite infestation in the human body due to its overwhelmingly positive effects.

There are two distinct dosage possibilities. The first is a high-dosage option used in cases of acute illness consisting of 5g per day of the dried plant together with 1l of boiling water, which is then brewed for at least 15 min. The tea should be drunk every three hours throughout the day. The procedure should be repeated for ten days in a disciplined manner.

The second option involves preparing 1,25g for one cup of boiling water before breakfast and drinking the tea after the meal. This option is recommended for chronic sickness. It should be taken for at least four weeks. It is possible to prolong usage for a couple more months without any known particular side effects.

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Unsere Artemisia-annua-Blätter stammen von unserem eigenen Acker und werden direkt nach der Ernte schonend getrocknet. Bei Anbau und Verarbeitung verzichten wir vollständig auf die Verwendung von Chemikalien und Zusatzstoffen — was ihn

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