Declaration of Data Protection

This declaration concerning data security is only valid for the internet website of the company Kasimir&Lieselotte. It is not valid for external sites, links to which may be posted here.

Kasimir&Lieselotte will make every effort to protect your personal data. Personal data includes information as to your identity, for example, your name, your postal address or your e-mail address. This data will only be saved when you, the visitor to our website, actively transfer the data to us. 

Kasimir&Lieselotte will use this data for the following purposes:

  • to respond to your inquiry
  • to process your orders
  • to send you requested informational materials

We will not save any of this data without your consent longer than is necessary. In addition to this, we gather, process and use your personal data without your express consent only to the extent which is required in order to carry out such tasks listed above.

Additionally, we will not give the data we receive from you, except for the tasks listed above, to any third party. 

Certain data is automatically saved every time a web visitor enters a website. Such data is not personalized. Here only such information is involved that can in no way be traced back to you as an individual. Such data is also generated by other website operators every time their sites are visited. Examples of such data are:

  • the type of web browser used
  • information about which pages were visited
  • the length of time the website was visited

This information is strictly anonymous and is used by the operator to improve his website in the interests of the web visitor. This information is immediately deleted, in the event a reference to a specific person can be made.

We require no additional information from you during your visit to our website. You can and do, therefore, remain entirely anonymous in the sense of the new Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). Wherever possible we forego the use of cookies and other similar functions. Cookies are files that save information on your local hard drive. These files can simplify the navigation of websites.

In spite of this, we would like to point out that protection for the transfer of data throughout the internet cannot be totally guaranteed with the technologies currently at our disposal. Other internet users may have the technical means to gain unauthorized access to network security systems and and take control of the channels of communication.

If you want to know which data information is saved about you in our system please write us an email/ letter and we will inform you as soon as possible:

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Telefon: +49 (0) 33 27 54 49 107 

The checkout process is protected anytime. We do care about data protection and encrypt the checkout process with SSL